City Housing

1644715-162144-city-landscape-silhouettes-of-houses-blackCity Housing .com is ground zero for urban living information.  City housing, also called urban housing, can take many forms.  the starting point is rent or buy.

If you wish to buy, depending on the city, you can purchase a fee simple house, a condominium (condo), a cooperative (coop), a flat, loft, townhouse, pied a terre, mobile home, TICs, live work space, co-housing, etc.

If you choose to rent, any of the purchase choices mentioned previously can also be rented from the owner, or you might choose to go with a traditional apartment.

Each of the these property options will be explored in greater depth on this web site, as well as other topics, like rent control, home financing options, making a good investment, lease options, carry backs,